Getting catcalled on the street, whilst some might call it flattering, is, in fact, an uncomfortable and sometimes, frightening experience. It’s like becoming the product in a neverending sharade of window shopping, where people constantly leer and shout how much they want you, or want you to do things for them.

Not only is catcalling objectifying and demeaning, it’s a very real and very global problem. One that student, Noa Jansma, based in Amsterdam, has been documenting – and will continue to document, in her project @dearcatcallers.

Noa started taking pictures with the culprits and will soon be taking submissions. Below, we’ve compiled some of the most popular Instagram snaps (with their not-so-nice captions).

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Mmmmmm beautiful sweet girl #dearcatcallers

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#dearcatcallers “baby! Baby! *whisting*”

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