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Yep, you heard right! As one of the biggest consumers of ivory (and therefore one of the biggest players in the ivory trade), China is finally putting its foot down and placing a ban on the controversial sale of a cruel and outdated product.

By the end of 2017 (today), the country will have almost completely demolished the trade of buying and selling ivory products, just in time for the new year.

Some 30,000 elephants are hunted by poachers on a yearly basis. That’s a lot, considering that it’s an endangered species.

Ivory can be made into many everyday items, including chopsticks and hair accessories – difficult to believe that the majestic elephant can suffer for such small and insignificant products but alas, this enormous step forward is incredible for our giant friends. Some experts say that the ivory trade is already shrinking in China, something that many people didn’t think they’d live to see.

“As long as ivory is valued as a commodity, every tusker is at risk from poachers, and only where anti-poaching efforts are sufficient will elephants survive. Anti-poaching costs money and lives. Banning the ivory trade has been the single-most effective and economical way to slow the loss of elephants across their whole range – not just where they can be protected by anti-poaching units.” – Ian Redmond OBEWildlife biologist and Ambassador for the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species

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