Darius Sasnauskas happened to be in the right place at the right time after he spotted a newborn fawn struggling to keep up with its family.

The fawn, who was clearly injured, was falling behind when following its mother but eventually, the fawn was too much of a risk and so she left it behind.

Darius is against keeping wild animals as pets, but he knew that this was a difficult situation. Had he have walked away, the fawn’s fate would have likely been sealed.

He nursed the injured animal back to health and it didn’t take long for it to settle in.

Darius tried multiple times to release the deer who always followed him back, refusing to be without him until, during one attempt, the lucky animal spotted its own mother and quite literally walked off into the sunset.

Kind-hearted Darius took the fawn in and took care of the injured baby deer until it was ready to go back to the wild – but for a short time, Darius did take the role of human ‘mother’ and ultimately, he saved the deer’s life.



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