Photographer’s Amazing Images Of Animals With Disabilities

Houndstooth Studios by Alex Cearns regularly shares incredible photographs of animals

So what made this shoot a little different?

Alex decided to photograph animals with disabilities.

Based in Australia, Alex Cearns is an award-winning photographer on a mission. She wants to prove that every animal is beautiful, regardless of appearance or physical abilities.

‘I love every animal I have the privilege of photographing, but those perceived as ‘different’ hold a special place in my heart,’ Alex shares.

Warning: The images you are about to see are extremely cute.

1. A baby goat with a broken leg 


2. A blind rescue from Bali 

3. Three-legged greyhound 

4.  Hedwig is missing part of his skull 

5. Jack is missing one eye 

6. Louie is missing one eye 

7. Nimh had both of her eyes removed 

8. Oompah has mange 

9. Ray Charles, born with eye-development issues 

10. Savannah lost some of her left leg to cancer 

11. Scrappy is missing both of his eyes, but we think he’s beautiful 

12. Tyson lost a leg 

If you agree that these animals are beautiful, then you can catch up with Alex on her animal journey on Facebook.

If you’re interested in taking your furry friend to the studio, check out The Houndstooth Studios official website!

Visual evidence that adopting, not shopping, is one of the most rewarding experiences out there:

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