Really Small Changes That Could Change Your Life For The Better

Small Tips That Could change your life

The following tips may help you to change your life, but you really shouldn’t try and take on too much in one go!

Changing your life can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes, the road to success is best travelled in small steps.

Instead, pick and choose the ideas that suit you… Sieve through the tips that you like, trial them – see if they work with your schedule, your daily routine, your character. If they don’t, don’t fret! And don’t overwhelm yourself!

Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night 

Sleep well

Studies have shown that 7-8 hours of sleep a night can help to alleviate depression and anxiety. Sleeping for longer or lesser hours can be a sign of depression, so it’s important to get the balance right. Plus, a good nights sleep is the perfect medicine for your body. Sleep makes you feel better the following day which in turn, makes you more inclined to be productive.

Take a short walk (15 minutes minimum) every day 

There are lots of health benefits to walking on a daily basis. Walking is good for your heart, provides the body with vitamin D and boosts your mood! Plus a change of scenery is a great distraction for the mind.

Set time aside for reading books that spark interest in your mind 


Reading stimulates the brain and engages the reader- it can make you more intelligent and more over, aids sleep and reduces feelings of loneliness! (yes, characters in a book can actually feel like friends!)

Create a morning routine 

Routine, especially starting your morning with one, is a way of organising yourself and feeling accomplished daily, regardless of how you spend the rest of the day! It’s also a good way to take control over a small part of your life (you may not be able to control your job, but you can control what happens before you go to work).

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. — John C. Maxwell

Cook a homemade meal at least once a week 

Pumpkin soup

Cooking a meal from scratch makes us feel good – there’s no doubt about it. You may even enjoy it! Furthermore, but it encourages meal times to be more than a TV dinner with the aid of a microwave. Planning, preparing and cooking an entire meal for ourselves, our families or even friends provides a great sense of accomplishment, makes us feel good and also gives us a lot more nutrition than your average takeaway.

Keep in touch with friends, old, new and everywhere in between

Life can get lonely – keeping in touch with people is not only a chance to talk about your own successes and future goals but following and supporting other’s is a part of being a good person. Plus, having someone to reminisce with is pretty good!

Organise your living space and change up your work station

Organisation reduces stress with the overall aim of making your life easier. It’s not something to be sniffed at!

ps virtual

Set a long term goal

Setting a goal, no matter how small, can motivate you to accomplish something. A sense of accomplishment is not only incredibly good for your mental health, it also helps focus your mind and sets you up for short term goals, too (or vice versa).

Keep a diary 


Eat a healthy breakfast each morning 

Hummus breakfast

Breakfast is the first fuel that your body gets in the morning. It sets you up for the rest of the day – start as you mean to go on!

Do something good for others every single day (at least one thing) 

Helping others is essential for personal growth. A good deed decreases stress, makes us feel better about ourselves and promotes positive mental health.

After experiencing stress, take 5 minutes of time out to balance your thoughts

Burning out in the modern age is a real possibility – to avoid burning out, give your mind time to overcome any stresses that are entering your life, no matter how small. Taking time for yourself can help to rebalance your thought process. It can also make you feel better and helps you to feel ready to tackle new challenges without harbouring dangerous stress levels.

Spend time with your family 

Good for bonding, making you feel better and great for your mental health. If you get on with your family and don’t get much time with them, change it up! Spending time with them should be a great feeling, not a chore. Try and spend more time with them and see if it makes you feel better.

Don’t forget to be lazy! 

“Boredom and laziness should be used as a means to regain control over one’s own body and one’s own time.” Says Dr Moreau, University College London (UCL)

Take time to do nothing

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