If you were looking for some inspiration to read more, look no further!

You may not think it when you’re turning your page, transporting yourself into a different time, a different story and sometimes, a completely different world, but emerging yourself in a book has some great health benefits.

The written word is an escapism that has offered a doorway to a certain kind of traveller for thousands of years. With stories that may never leave the corners of your imagination, books are evidence that magic really does exist.

You’d be surprised to learn that such an amazing pass-time has some incredible benefits, and so we’ve pooled together the best ones!

So, what are the benefits?

1. Reading broadens your vocabulary

2. Studies have shown that reading often may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

3. Reading hones your on writing skills

4. Reading can boost your concentration

5. It keeps your imagination working

6. Reading reduces stress

7. Reading before bed can help you get a good nights sleep

8. Studies have shown that reading could make you more empathetic 

9. It offers the ability to gain a new perspective

10. Reading is a good source of entertainment, and time spent on a book is time put to good use

So what are you waiting for? Dive into your next novel – who knows, maybe you could write your own?

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