#NewYearNewMe may be driving you to learn something new this year, so why not try your hand at sign language?

Having the skill of sign language not only allows you to communicate with those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, but it also helps to make you a better communicator in general. Here are some of the benefits of sign language that you may not already know!

You Can Communicate With More People (In More Situations!)


Sign language is a great communicator for anybody who finds speaking difficult. It can also be easier to sign out something rather than saying something aloud, especially if you’re in an uncomfortable situation or somewhere that it would be inappropriate to speak out. Secretly gossiping during lectures comes to mind… It’s also handy if you’re in a crowded bar and trying to translate drinks orders to your besty.

2. You Appear More Confident

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Body language is really important in any social situation, but especially during a job interview. Being confident at signing actually affects how you present yourself when you speak. Learning sign language will give you confidence when expressing yourself through your body and as with anything, the more you do, the better you become.

3. Signing Makes You Better At Spelling

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Some studies in children have shown that assigning a sign to a word makes it easier to remember when learning, and there’s no reason why the same can’t be said for adults. Similar to how reading more helps you spell, when you’re actively thinking about language, your relationship with it improves.

4. Learning To Sign Could Help Your Memory

The more that you use your brain, the better your brain works. When using sign language, you aren’t just speaking, you’re remembering how to translate each word into a sign. Although this can be said of learning any language, we think that sign language is particularly useful because it’s visual. Just take a look at this video by presenter Wayne Barrows, and just try to forget the lyrics to this song after seeing how to sign it.

 5. It’s So Easy To Learn!

As well as making your way through Wayne Barrows videos, you can also learn sign language through handy websites like the British Sign Language site. This site even has a dictionary so you can find words easily! There are also a number of centres worldwide that teach sign language, and you might be surprised how close they are to you. What have you got to lose?

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6. Music Is Cooler Signed

If you haven’t heard of Amber Galloway before, you need to see her performing American Sign Language for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Skip to around 2-minutes in to see Amber prove that knowing how to sign rocks! (And did you recognise the gif of Matt in the point previously? He signs for Chance the Rapper!)

So what are you waiting for?

The more people that know how to sign, the easier it will be for everybody to communicate, regardless of who you are or where you’re from. Isn’t that just somethin’?

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